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We at HFT Welfare Foundation are committed to work towards providing humanitarian aid to those members of our community who are in need and cannot reach out for help. Our projects are focused on providing water, food, education, and basic necessities of life to people inflicted with poverty.
Your heartfelt support and donations make it possible for us to transform their quality of life for the better and make a difference everyday.

Pay Your Zakah

Zakat rulings

  • What is Zakat?
  • Types of Zakat: Zakatul Fitr and Zakat al maal
  • Conditions of Zakat money
  • When is Zakat due?
  • Who has to pay Zakat?
  • Things on which Zakat must be paid
  • Where do we use your Zakat money?

Zakat Calculator

Pay your Zakat


What is Fidya?

  • Rulings related to Fidya
  • Eligibility of Fidya
  • For how many days the Fidya must be paid for?

What is Kaffarah?

  • Rulings related to Kaffarah
  • Eligibility of Kaffarah
  • For how many days the Kaffarah must be paid for?

Sadaqah e Jariyah

  • Water Well, Tube wells and handpumps
  • Water filtration plant
  • Plant a tree
  • Sponsor a student of knowledge

Ramadan Drive